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Create your own Web Radio

Shoutcast & Icecast Hosting Control Panel

Complete Radio Hosting Control Panel

SonicPanel is the most advanced standalone radio hosting control panel,

Comes with a panel interfaces,DJPanel and provides SSL for all radio systems, supported by WHMCS, AWBS, Blesta.

Create your own Web Radio

With a radio website

If you want to start your own webradio but you don’t have your own website or you are interested in converting the one you already have, then the solution is here!

Hosting & Radio Stream

Choose the package that suits you best.
You can of course easily change it according to your requirements

  • With built-in Autodj for 24 hours of music
  • 99.9% Guaranteed uptime

Technical Specifications

  • Fully designed with Ajax + Jquery.
  • A powerful playlist board.
  • Advanced AutoDJ Features, AAC+ Encoders, IDV3v2
  • Advanced statistics + Listeners via Google Map.
  • Create HTML5 Player and easily listen link
  • Easily set up and manage the radio from Sonic Panel.
  • Real-time bitrate & bandwidth control + limits + monitoring
  • Amazing RadioLive website + template
  • It supports Flashplayer, Mediaplayer, Quicktime, RealPlayer, Winamp and Webplayers.


Simple enough for beginners. Powerful enough for the pros.

Bronze Radio

  • Quality: 192 Kbps
  • Listeners: 100
  • AutoDJ: 3GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

Silver Radio

  • Quality: 192 Kbps
  • Listeners: 200
  • AutoDJ: 4GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

Gold Radio

  • Quality: 320 Kbps
  • Listeners: 1000
  • AutoDJ: 8GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

Platinum Radio

  • Quality: 320 Kbps
  • Listeners: 2000
  • AutoDJ: 10GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

If the packages you see do not meet your needs, contact us to make a Custom Package for you!

Important Features


SonicPanel has 10 languages, each radio client individually can choose their own language in SonicPanel easily from the left menu.


Panel provides free SSL(HTTPS) service for all radios on the server, including all radio versions.
The provided SSL is free and auto renews.


Full page and single page public player widgets are available on the
Panel with unique effects on the pages and beautiful backgrounds.There is also a DJ widget that shows if a DJ is on air.


Advanced DJ account managements, where your radio users can create multiple

Each DJ can login to the DJ Panel, each DJ can upload their own profile picture so when the DJ is on air, the profile picture will show on the player pages of SonicPanel. There are much todo for DJs on the Panel software.


All radios are fully protected from DDOS attacks by a connection rate limits on the backend before even reach to the radios.

The Panel comes with internal brute force protection and firewall services.

Technical Specifications

Advanced AutoDJ Features, AAC+ Encoders, IDV3v2
A powerful playlist board.

Web Player

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